CPSC New Law for Lead and Phthalates in Children’s Products

I have been spending many hours trying to figure out the new CPSC laws for lead and Phthalates in products sold to children. As a collector of children’s books and a small business owner this law is of much concern.

Unfortunately a case of a well meaning law, with restrictions that we need being totally miss handled. The fact that everything has to be tested and retested is ridiculous. Small business people should be able to buy lead free and Phthalate free materials to use in their products. The large manufacturer’s tests on the component parts should be enough to satisfy the CPSC that it is reasonable to believe that the product that we make is safe. By all means go after the large companies that are producing items in the thousands, but not the craft and small business people.

They say that there might be an issue with children’s books printed before 1985. This would mean that collector’s items would no longer be able to be sold, they might be very rare, these books are sold to adults. However it is my understanding that because they were originally marketed to children, they fall under the new laws. Will all library’s have to throw away all their pre-1985 childrens books? I say take the lead out of the ink we print with today and leave the old books alone.

Unfortunately this law will probably mean that I will no longer be able to sell children’s t-shirts. Is it reasonable to insist that a limited edition print is tested? Prints hang behind glass on a wall, out of reach… I can not afford to test, and should not have to test a print.  If I have assurances from the shirt manufacturer and the printer that their  shirts and ink fall with in the new limits, equally, I should not have to test my product. It seems to me that the only people who really benefit from this testing and re-teating are those who run the testing companies.

To finish this rant, I say they should go after the cosmetic industry, there are plenty of obnoxious chemicals in most of the products that are for sale on the shelves of our pharmacies. Many of these chemicals are banned in Europe. We should not have to pay a premium price for clean cosmetics. Cosmetics are directly absorbed by the skin… and that applies to adults and children.


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