The Evil Eye… followed by Booked 9

Well after “The Blood Bath” comes “The Evil Eye…” Drawn in the same Moleskine… with my trusty Micron pen and of course some Indian ink!

the Evil Eye...

Booked 9

On a different note, tonight is the opening of Booked 9 at the Pierro Gallery in South Orange, New Jersey. This is an annual show by the Book Arts Roundtable. This year’s show has many wonderful books in it by our talented members. Our guest artist Sherrill Kahn will be giving a talk at 8pm on exploring painting and mixed media techniques. The postcard for the show has an image by Chuck Miley and was photographed by Amelia Panico. But first, here is a taste of my latest accordion book: Bats Will Fly. I will be doing a post on the book soon, so this is just a teaser!

My Invitation to Booked 9

Booked 9 Postcard, image by Chuck Miley, Photo by Amelia Panico.

The Information.




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