Trunk Show: Montclair Museum of Art

I am looking forward to being at MAM for a trunk show on October 11th.

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Patterns, Systems, Structures: Abstraction in American Art
December 4, 2011 – May 19, 2013
This exhibition, curated by MAM’s Chief Curator Gail Stavitsky, is drawn entirely from the permanent collection of the Montclair Art Museum and explores the rich variety of approaches to abstraction in American art.


Newark Open Doors October 2012

I am excited to be a part of this, and will have work in the Emerging Artists Group Show | 77 Market Street  (NAC Sponsored Shows) “Newark has been experiencing a renaissance over the last decade. Hundreds of artists of all kinds have relocated to Newark to take advantage of the many opportunities our city has to offer. This exhibit seeks to showcase what is going on at the heart of this exponential artistic growth: our emerging artists.  See work in a variety of media from artists working in and around Newark, NJ.”
Curated by Rupert Ravens. Opening Oct. 5, 2012 6-9

More on this event later!

Beautiful Poems

I was recently commissioned to write out these two lovely poems. Kyle gave me an idea as to what he would like to have the borders decorated with and we went from there. When I do these pieces we discuss color, ideas for decorative features, whether the text is to be centered or not, and of course the script to be used. I then design the piece within the parameters given. A grid is worked out using the computer, and the piece may be written out several times to get the preferred layout before writing out the final piece. Any decorative flowers are researched and then painted in rough and applied to the layout before being painted on the final piece.

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Wedding Vows and Love Letters

One of my favorite commissions is to write out wedding vows and love letters…. always filled with so much hope, joy and love. They are a popular first wedding anniversary present as this is traditionally known as the “paper” anniversary. Other times they are commissioned for 25th anniversaries as a renewal of vows, and a celebration of a happy marriage. You might be interested to know that the paper for “Edith and Del’s” vows was handmade by the bride. Elana and Rafael wanted their vows written out as a scroll on paper made to resemble old parchment paper. I hand dyed the paper using tea bags and turmeric to create the parchment effect. Laura and Irwin’s vows were written using gold and blue gouache painted onto the pen nib to produce a gilded effect. In most cases, I like to use an accent color for titles, initial capitals and names, this adds another dynamic to the piece thus giving it a livelier look.

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Baird Arts Fall Open House

This Saturday September 15th, is the annual Baird Arts Open House in South Orange, NJ. It is a day when you can sample many of the classes available in the Fall for free. Follow the link for the full schedule of events. Classes start the week of the 24th September. I will be there at 1pm doing a collage class for children grades 1-7, making crazy faces inspired by the work of Stephen Kroninger.


From Magical to Mysterious, Illustration: Classes at the Baird

Introducing illustration classes for kids at the Baird in South Orange

Found Letters by Carlin Wragg

Back in February Carlin Wragg a writer and graduate student at NYU asked me if I could do some  calligraphy for her for her thesis project, a historical novel-in-verse set in the 1940s. “The story follows the lives of two characters, Jack and Matilda, who fall in love during World War II and nurture their relationship through correspondence. Their fictional letters form the core of the novel.” Carlin asked me to produce single copies of four of these fictional letters along with the envelopes to give the readers the feeling that they were written by the characters themselves.

These fictitious letters were to look as if they were written during the 1940s. Both were to be written in black ink on white paper. Matilda’s letters are written in Spencerian script, Jack’s are in Primo a more masculine script.

Matilda’s fragment or second letter was to be written on a postcard-sized piece of paper, and enclosed in an unsealed hand-delivered envelope with “Jack” written on the front.

At first I visited various paper stores looking for something appropriate to write on. What a waste of time! After shlepping around the stores I realized that I had what I needed squirreled away in various boxes at home. The perfect aged and battered paper for writing on, and some old antique looking envelopes that had for some reason or other been kept for posterity!

Take a look at “Found Letters” to see how creatively Carlin has used the letters. This was one of my favorite projects to work on. Thank you Carlin!

The letters look gorgeous! It was a thrill to see your scans when I opened my inbox, thank you.

Carlin M. Wragg
New York University
Master’s Candidate ~Interactive Telecommunications Program

I just opened the package — the letters are gorgeous! Thank you, thank you!
It’s been a pleasure working with you.
All the best,

Poems / Letters © Carlin Wragg 2012

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