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Newark Open Doors October 2012

I am excited to be a part of this, and will have work in the Emerging Artists Group Show | 77 Market Street  (NAC Sponsored Shows) “Newark has been experiencing a renaissance over the last decade. Hundreds of artists of all kinds have relocated to Newark to take advantage of the many opportunities our city has to offer. This exhibit seeks to showcase what is going on at the heart of this exponential artistic growth: our emerging artists.  See work in a variety of media from artists working in and around Newark, NJ.”
Curated by Rupert Ravens. Opening Oct. 5, 2012 6-9

More on this event later!


Blood Bath

This is a piece that I have been working on for a while. Many other projects happening in between… I have always liked drawing in Moleskine notebooks, this one is a bit of a change for me as it is not my usual accordion one. The piece is drawn in black ink using a o.1 micron pen and red ink. All my drawings flow from the subconscious, nothing is ever planned out or re drawn.

Blood Bath

Don’t Discard…

I’ve been a bit neglectful of this blog for too long so here goes… As well as being an artist I am a professional calligrapher. For years I have been saving the paper towels that I wipe my pen nib on when I am working and the pieces of paper that I test the ink flow on… I love the random accumulation of ink and gouache that collect over time… Here are some pieces resulting from the latest jobs I have been working on. A wedding and writing out a wedding ceremony which will then be hand bound. The top two images are ink and gouache on paper towel, the third image is on an off cut from a book I made. I use a copperplate pen.

All in a day's work... or more like a few...

The flip side...

Pen scratchings...