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Meet the Artist – A Walk With Crocodile on SOMAtv

Need to put your feet up and take a break. Check out SOMAtv Meet the Artist produced and hosted by the talented Nancy Heins-Glaser. Ann Vollum of BeastlyBeasties is a featured artist on this special about The Book Arts Roundtable. Other featured artists are Karen McDermott, Cynthia Weiss and Pat Feeney.

SOMAtv Channel 19 (SO/cablevision) & 35 (MPLWD/Comcast)

APRIL 19:   MEET THE ARTIST – Special / Book Arts Roundtable
4:00 PM
and 10:30 PM

APRIL 20:  MEET THE ARTIST – Special / Book Arts Roundtable
2:00 PM
and 10:30 PM

APRIL 21:  MEET THE ARTIST – Special / Book Arts Roundtable
2:00 PM
and 4:30 PM

Here is how to search for the shows:

WWW.SOMAtv.org <http://www.somatv.org/>
* Search (upper left) on home page you can search for shows by putting this in search function
* Meet the Artist Special / Then look for BOOK ARTS ROUNDTABLE in the program guide


Here is the URL for the schedule: http://sovillage.serveftp.net:50000/external_schedule/simple_day_schedule
The top of the page says: Channel: PSG Channel 1. I am not sure what that means.

Here is the list of how to find the channel:
South Orange:
Cablevision: Channel 19 (P/E/G)
Verizon FiOS: Channel 44 (P/E/G)
Comcast: Channel 35 (P/E/G)
Verizon FiOS: Channel 24 (G)
South Orange/Maplewood:
Verizon FiOS: Channel 22  (P/E)

The SOMA tv info page is: http://www.somatv.org/