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Baird Arts Fall Open House

This Saturday September 15th, is the annual Baird Arts Open House in South Orange, NJ. It is a day when you can sample many of the classes available in the Fall for free. Follow the link for the full schedule of events. Classes start the week of the 24th September. I will be there at 1pm doing a collage class for children grades 1-7, making crazy faces inspired by the work of Stephen Kroninger.



From Magical to Mysterious, Illustration: Classes at the Baird

Introducing illustration classes for kids at the Baird in South Orange

Blood Bath

This is a piece that I have been working on for a while. Many other projects happening in between… I have always liked drawing in Moleskine notebooks, this one is a bit of a change for me as it is not my usual accordion one. The piece is drawn in black ink using a o.1 micron pen and red ink. All my drawings flow from the subconscious, nothing is ever planned out or re drawn.

Blood Bath

Don’t Miss The Maplewood, South Orange Artist Studio Tour, Sunday June 6

This is a great opportunity to meet your favorite local artists and to wander around their studios. More than 70 local artists will be participating this year. To help you get around, there is a shuttle bus for the first time, that make stops at the train. I will be at the Baird again this year with BeastlyBeasties. I have some new fun and colorful prints just right for your child’s room and yours, why not pick up some note cards too, or a cool tee…

For more information check out Nancy Tobin’s article in The Local.

artist studio tour flyer

Meet the Artist – A Walk With Crocodile on SOMAtv

Need to put your feet up and take a break. Check out SOMAtv Meet the Artist produced and hosted by the talented Nancy Heins-Glaser. Ann Vollum of BeastlyBeasties is a featured artist on this special about The Book Arts Roundtable. Other featured artists are Karen McDermott, Cynthia Weiss and Pat Feeney.

SOMAtv Channel 19 (SO/cablevision) & 35 (MPLWD/Comcast)

APRIL 19:   MEET THE ARTIST – Special / Book Arts Roundtable
4:00 PM
and 10:30 PM

APRIL 20:  MEET THE ARTIST – Special / Book Arts Roundtable
2:00 PM
and 10:30 PM

APRIL 21:  MEET THE ARTIST – Special / Book Arts Roundtable
2:00 PM
and 4:30 PM

Here is how to search for the shows:

WWW.SOMAtv.org <http://www.somatv.org/>
* Search (upper left) on home page you can search for shows by putting this in search function
* Meet the Artist Special / Then look for BOOK ARTS ROUNDTABLE in the program guide


Here is the URL for the schedule: http://sovillage.serveftp.net:50000/external_schedule/simple_day_schedule
The top of the page says: Channel: PSG Channel 1. I am not sure what that means.

Here is the list of how to find the channel:
South Orange:
Cablevision: Channel 19 (P/E/G)
Verizon FiOS: Channel 44 (P/E/G)
Comcast: Channel 35 (P/E/G)
Verizon FiOS: Channel 24 (G)
South Orange/Maplewood:
Verizon FiOS: Channel 22  (P/E)

The SOMA tv info page is: http://www.somatv.org/

Booked 7 (First Instalment)

I was gallery sitting yesterday and took the opportunity to photograph some of the wonderful books on display in “Booked 7” at the Pierro Gallery in South Orange, NJ. The exhibit will broaden your horizons as to just what a book is… Here are some of the books in the show by the many talented artists who make up the Book Arts Round table. Enjoy!

Lynn Keffer Edge of the Pond
Lynn Keffer Edge of the Pond
Benita Wolffe two paths
Claire Simon Leave No Stone Unturned
Claire Simon Leave No Stone Unturned
Cynthia Weiss River
Joan Bess Open the Kimono

Joe Reilly Reeds and Crane

Nancy Boney Between the Sheets

Shari Seltzer cherish each other

Vasilek C. Birrell All Living Things are Related

Vasilek C. Birrell Scotch Roots

Well that’s all for now. I will post more later.

BeastlyBeasties Original Drawing to be Auctioned off for Haiti

I was recently asked by Frank X. O’Leary”  to donate a drawing for a fundraiser for Haiti this Saturday, 27th February at St. Georges Church in Maplewood, NJ. The money raised by SOMA Artists for Haiti will be donated to Partners In Health. This organization has been working in Haiti for over 20 years providing health care for the poor. The event is from 4:00 to 7:00 pm and includes a silent auction of art work and music by some of Maplewood and South Orange’s talented artists and musicians. I am sure it will make a welcome break from the two day snow storm we are having… Frank was very nice and came by to pick up the piece yesterday evening just in case the hill I live on becomes impassable in the snow…

And so I give you “haiti”,  ink drawing, mat size 11″ x 14″, drawing 7.5″ x 9.5″

"haiti" ink drawing by BeastlyBeasties